President Trump on Thursday outlined several new initiatives aimed at protecting elderly Americans who live in nursing homes as the coronavirus pandemic takes a disproportionate toll on the elderly.


Eugene Alletto’s two siblings are working on the frontlines of the coronavirus outbreak in Long Island hospitals and when he received a troubling text message from his sister, he knew he had to help.


Crime in the Big Apple continued its downward trend during the coronavirus outbreak for the fourth week in a row —  with cops making thousands of fewer arrests and issuing a fraction of the typical summonses, new data shows.


President Trump on Sunday declared that the US is the “King of Ventilators” and said he is “right on testing” the way he was “right” about the breathing devices.


A former California insurance executive jailed in the college admissions scandal will be freed early after a federal judge ruled his two-week coronavirus quarantine was just as bad as two more months in prison, according to a new report.


President Trump signaled his support of escalating protests against coronavirus restrictions — accusing certain states of being “unreasonable” with lockdowns that are too strict.


Two inmates escaped Thursday from a Wisconsin prison where staffers have been infected with the coronavirus, police and correctional officials said.


The safest place from the coronavirus in the US might be a tiny town on an off-the-beaten path peninsula connected to Canada south of Vancouver, according to a report.


About 2 million chickens will be slaughtered at Delaware and Maryland farms without ever making it to market


Los Angeles Rams center Brian Allen became the first NFL player to test positive for the coronavirus, according to Fox Sports.


All the usual suspects are condemning President Trump for suspending US funding for the World Health Organization, but it was clearly the right call.


The millions of bits of cellphone data tracked by analytics firm Unacast show the economic impact of the coronavirus spreading across the US like a deep freeze


Twenty-five Federal Emergency Management Agency employees have been diagnosed with the coronavirus


They are coping the best they can, same as you, same as me, same as everyone, trying to not go crazy looking at the same four walls



Infected: 981.221

Cured: 204.605

Deceased: 50.230


Infected: 110.238

Cured: 26.743

Deceased: 10.096


Infected: 115.242

Cured: 18.278

Deceased: 13.915


Infected: 81.589

Cured: 76.408

Deceased: 3.318


Infected: 225.998

Cured: 10.265

Deceased: 5.311